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Little Leroy went to his mother demanding a new bicycle. His mother decided that he should take a look at himself and the way he acts. She said, "Well Leroy, it isn't Christmas and we don't have the money to just go out and buy you... Read
A woman had two female parrots who were always yelling, "We're prostitutes, wanna have a little fun?" One day, she was talking to her Preacher about this. He said he had two male parrots and all they did was read the Bible. He thought... Read
The head priest at a certain church was out for the day, so he asked the deacon to do confession for him.? The deacon agrees, and the first person that comes says, "Forgive me, for I just gave a guy a blow job." He answers, "You have... Read
Jesus and Saint Paul are sitting in Heaven, talking about the pollution on Earth and wondering what can be done about mankind's filthy ways.?Jesus says he's going to go down to Skegness to see the situation for himself, and Paul agrees to... Read
This guy dies and goes to hell. Once he gets to the gates there is a Matr'D there waiting to greet him. "Welcome to Hell" he says in a happy voice. The guy seems rather puzzled but goes on with his eternity and walks in. "How was... Read