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The Top 13 NATO Excuses for Bombing the Wrong Place


13> Just tryin' to impress the chicks.

12> NATO strategists were loathe to open maps of the area

because refolding them can be difficult and annoying.

11> "Kosovo?! We though you said KOKOMO!"

10> Bombardier still pissed off about his Yugo.

9> Chinese embassy "just too shiny to ignore."

8> Pilot's ugly little secret: never COULD hit those womprats

back home in Beggar's Canyon.

7> Totally hammered after losing a game of "quarters" to

Boris Yeltsin.

6> Canadian navigator busy extolling virtues of Celine Dion.

5> Pilot playing Kosovo bingo needed B5, not G2.

4> Forgot to adjust for weight of Slim Pickens.

3> Male pilots refused to stop and ask for directions.

2> General Magoo has no comment.

and's Number 1 NATO Excuse

for Bombing the Wrong Place...

1> NATO headquarters dinner order for "take out Chinese" was

grossly misunderstood.