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Man Riding Bicycle


An anthropologist in Africa was trying to teach a native tribesman English. He took him into the forest, pointed to various objects, slowly said their names, and had the native repeat them. He pointed to a tree, said, "Tree," then the native slowly repeated, "Tree."

Pointing to a gorilla, he said, "Gorilla," and the native repeated, "Gor-ill-a."

He pointed to a lion and said, "Lion." The native said, "Li-on."

Soon they cam to a clearing where a couple was copulating. The embarrassed anthropologist didn't know how to describe it and said, "Man riding bicycle."

Instead of repeating th phrase, the native took his blowgun and killed the sexually involved man with a poisoned dart.

"Why did you kill him?" asked the anthropologist.

"Because him riding <i>my</i> bicyle." replied the native.