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Clever Games


A wise man and his wife were having a contest to see who was wiser. The rules were that each one would ask the other a question and the other had to answer. Since the wife wasn't much of a feminist, he had a deal. When the wise man asked a question and the woman couldn't answer, she would give him 10 bucks. But if the woman asked a question and he couldn't answer, the woman would get a hundred bucks. Fair enough, thought the woman.

The wise man first asked the question. "What's the smallest particle of matter?"

The woman said, "I don't know", and she gave him ten bucks.

It was now her turn. Getting one of her wise ideas, she asked her husband, "OK, what has three eyes, five legs, and twelve butts?"

The wise man was shocked that he didn't know. He sweated and thought it out, but he really didn't know what it was. So he gave his wife a hundred. After giving the hundred, the husband curtily said, "That was good. What does have three eyes, five legs, and twelve butts?"

His wife gave him ten bucks.