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If you're going to be the best man at the wedding, you'll be responsible for giving a wedding toast. In case you need to write one real quick, use the following template by filling in the blanks and checking the appropriate responses... Read
Concerned about her relationship, a woman approaches her doctor and says, "Doc, I'm getting married this weekend and my fiance thinks I'm a virgin. Is there anything you can do to help me?" The doctor says, "Medically, no,... Read
A lawyer got married to a woman who had previously been married 12 times. On their wedding night, they settled into the bridal suite at their hotel and the bride said to her new groom, "Please, promise to? be gentle. I am still a virgin."... Read
A toast to the newlyweds: May your only ups and downs be between the sheets.
"Congratulations my boy!" said the groom's uncle. "I'm sure you'll look back and remember today as the happiest day of your life." "But I'm not getting married until tomorrow." Protested his nephew... Read