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Because they go deep in the bush, shoot more than once and they eat what they shoot.
A hunter kills a deer and brings it home. He decides to clean and serve the venison for supper. He knows his kids are fussy eaters, and won't eat it if they know what it is - so he does not tell them. His little boy keeps asking him, "What... Read
Bubba and Jake chartered a plane with a pilot to drop them off in the wilds of Alaska for a week of elk hunting, just the same as they did the year before. When the pilot returned with the plane Bubba exclaimed joyfully to the pilot, "We had a... Read
Three men go duck hunting one day. Two of them are inundated with stories from the third about his "great" duck hunting abilities. After a few hours the first two men have bagged a couple of ducks each, but the braggart hasn't taken... Read
An African village was troubled by a man-eating lion. So its leaders sent a message to the great white hunter, to come and kill the beast. For several nights the hunter lay in wait for the lion, but it never showed up. Finally, he told the tribal... Read