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An older couple is playing in the annual club championship. They are playing in a play off hole and it is down to a 6-inch putt that the wife has to make. She takes her stance and her husband can see her trembling. She putts and misses; they lose... Read
Once there were these three golfers, Moses, Jesus and an little old man. The first golfer, Moses, hit the ball and it went into the water. He walked over to the edge and stuck his golf club into the water. The water PARTED and Moses walked up and... Read
There are two guys out on the golf course that come up on a couple of ladies playing slow. One of the guys walks up towards the ladies to ask if they can play through. About halfway there he turns around and comes back and says to his friend,... Read
Four married guys were golfing. Around about the fifth hole the following conversation took place. Guy number 1. "You have no idea what I had to do to get out golfing today. I had to promise my wife that I would paint every room in the house... Read
John and his friend George go golfing together one Saturday morning, as they have done for 24 years straight. Yes, you might say these guys were fanatics about their golfing. Later that day, John returns home exhausted, and plops down in the easy... Read