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Then: Long hair Now : Longing for hair Then: A keg Now : An EKG Then: Acid rock Now : Acid reflux Then: Moving to California because it's cool. Now : Moving to California because it's hot. Then: Watching John Glenn's historic flight... Read
Mickey's wife bought a new line of expensive cosmetics guaranteed to make her look years younger. After a lengthy sitting before the mirror applying the "miracle" products she asked, "Darling, honestly what age would you say I am... Read
A 92 year-old man went to the doctor to get a physical. A few days later the doctor saw the man walking down the street with a gorgeous young lady on his arm. At his follow up visit the doctor talked to the man and said, "You're really... Read
Two elderly couples were enjoying friendly conversation when one of the men asked the other, "Fred, how was the memory clinic you went to last month?" "Outstanding," Fred replied. "They taught us all the latest... Read